ALDREX company mainly deals in metal processing, with their own or entrusted materials, based on the drawings. On the market since 1991. With years of experience, machine equipment and professional staff ALDREX can offer the production of steel components of any application.

Production includes:

• elements of automotive industry production lines,
• parts for machinery and industrial equipment,
• steel structures of production halls, warehouses, etc.
• check valves for pipes – 80 mm to 600 mm,
• Austenitic steel tanks for mixing porcelain mass,
• liners for pumps made of bronze or brass,
• elements made of steel pipes.

Production materials are sourced
from the companies:

• Centrostal,
• Centrozłom,
• ItalINOX,
• ThyssenKrupp Schulte GMBH.

The company provides:

• robustness,
• accuracy,
• high quality,
• timely delivery of all orders.

Our products are made of:

• ordinary quality material,
• high-strength design,
• carbon steel
• stainless steel
• of acid resistant steel
• colored steel.

Contact Us:

58- 400 Kamienna Góra
ul. Zielona 2c

tel. +48 75 7444161
email: biuro@aldrex.pl

We invite you to use our services. All products have warranty.